Audio CD's, MP3's, and NOW MP3's by e-mail

Recordings of our services are available upon request. Please add your name to the signup sheet in the hallway along with the date and the name of the speaker for that day. Then choose which format you desire. Currently you may choose between audio compact disc (CD), or MP3 on CD, or MP3 by e-mail.

Since the service is ninety minutes, it will usually require 2 CD's in standard audio mode for listening on your standard home, car, or portable stereo. Mp3 mode will easily fit on one CD, but can only be played on portable MP3 players (like iPod's), home computers with suitable software, recently purchased DVD players, and recent popular car and home steroes now featuring MP3 capability.

Suggested Donation: $5 per audio CD set, or MP3 CD at the time of sign-up or delivery.

Wait around after most Sundays or check back the following Sunday or next time you are at a Church function to retrieve your copy. The name of the person for which the tape or CD was made, and the date and speaker are written on each.

* Due to the lack of popularity, Cassette tapes are no longer the recording medium and are no longer available.