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July 15 - August 12, 2014

Mid Summer Mediumship Class

Reverend Jeff McComas will be teaching a Mediumship Class on Tuesday nights for 5 weeks. They begin July 15 and run through August 12, 2014.

Day and Time: Tuesday Niights, 7 - 10 PM

Cost: $20 per class

Description: Learn about Physical and Mental Mediumship. Each class will cover different information.
Students will have the opportunity to practice the type of Mediumship taught for a better insight to Spiritualism.

More info: The purpose of this class is to teach the student about Mediumship and how it is an integral part of Spiritualism. Biblical and Historical references will provide a basis of understanding for the students. Mediumship will be discussed and how it is divided into two different forms, Physical and Mental Mediumship. The history of Physical Mediumship, the conditions for it to take place and the various forms that can occur will be covered in addition to the seven different types of Physical Phenomenon. The six different categories of Mental Mediumship will be covered extensively with explanations of how it differs from Physical Mediumship. After the end of the lecture component of the class, the students will have a chance to experience a form of Mediumship that was covered in the lecture. The structure of this class is both lecture and experiential for the student.

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